Price List

Price List for Pencil Portrait Drawings

Price for Pencil Drawings from Photos

Price listed below is for my standard size pencil portraits with head and shoulders on extra smooth surface drawing pad with a white background and exclude frames and postage/packing. For a whole-body, pencil portrait adds 15% to the price for size A5, 20% for size A4 and 25% for size A3. If you require a square size pencil portrait, please contact me with size required for a quote. Initial 20% deposit is required and the remaining 80% to be paid on completion.

Size A6Size A5Size A4Size A3
105 x 148 mm148 x 210 mm210 x 297 mm297 x 420 mm
1 Subject: £69 (20% deposit £14)1 Subject: £99 (20% deposit £20)1 Subject: £145 (20% deposit £29)1 Subject: £200 (20% deposit £40)
2 Subjects: £150 (20% deposit £30)2 Subjects: £185 (20% deposit £37)2 Subjects: £250 (20% deposit £50)
3 Subjects: £220 (20% deposit £44)3 Subjects: £290 (20% deposit £58)
4 Subjects: £250 (20% deposit £50)4 Subjects: £315 (20% deposit £63)
5 Subjects: £345 (20% deposit £69)
6 Subjects: £370 (20% deposit £74)
Prices subject to change without notice

Why Choose me?

There are many talented portrait artists in the UK. Still, I know exactly how important it is to discover the appropriate artist – one who can accurately deliver the exact style you are after.

I have consistently maintained a passion for drawing, and it was a hobby that gradually developed into my fulltime profession. Over the years, I have sharpened my creative skills and now specialise in drawing from countless photos.

The best way to get a taste of my approach is to view some of my recent works of art in my gallery, but here are just a few of the reasons why many people put their faith in me for their photorealistic pencil drawings:

  • Self-taught and trusted by satisfied clients throughout the world, with plenty of kind messages and 5-star reviews from happy customers on Google and my official website.
  • I have been specialising in monochromatic, realistic drawings and sketches for successful decades.
  • No person, animal or structure is off limits, yet a high-resolution image is always a good starting point.
  • Transparent and competitive tiered pricing.
  •  Payments made swiftly and securely online.
  • I can carefully draw from separate photos to painstakingly create a family or group portrait.
  • UK based and quick to respond positively to direct messages.
  • Overseas orders are welcome.

My Approach to Drawings

The photograph(s) you send to me should be clear and sharp. It is essential to understand that the photo’s quality and clarity will favourably influence the level of detail I can achieve; therefore, a bright and focused picture will allow me to create a realistic pencil portrait drawing.

I can only draw what I see, so if the specific details are blurry or of inferior quality, the pencil drawing is likely to reflect this. So you can understand why high-resolution photos are preferable. The higher, the better!

My Style is to draw precisely what I see in the photograph and typically exclude the background from the specific subject – unless you have expressly requested me to include the backdrop. The desired result is a photorealistic drawing that accurately captures the specific subjects’ likeness, character, and mood.

As standard, I supply my pencil portraits unframed, but I am more than happy to advise the possible types of frames that will be suitable. If you would prefer me to frame your pencil portrait, I can provide this service from an online source, saving you the time and hassle of providing the exact fit yourself.

If you would like to upgrade your order to include a frame, the pencil portrait will be delivered neatly inserted into the preferred frame and carefully wrapped for protection. Please consider a selection of frames available in various colours here.

A Simple 3 Step Process

  1. First, complete my order form, upload your unique photo(s) and promptly pay a 20% deposit. On receipt of order form, I will carefully check the photo(s) for essential quality and email you to confirm receipt and summary of your order.
  2. When I complete the pencil portrait drawing, first I will issue an email with an image for you to review and approve. Next, if you accept, a link within the email will request the remaining 80% balance to be paid via PayPal.
  3. Finally, when I receive confirmation of balancing payment from PayPal, I will carefully insert into a padded envelope and ship via Royal Mail or Royal Mail International. Additionally, it will take between 1 to 8 weeks to complete drawings from photos depending on size and workload at the time. I will equally consider the date pencil portrait(s) is required.

There are many talented portrait artists in the UK. Still, I know exactly how important it is to discover the appropriate artist – one who can accurately deliver the exact style you are after.

Photographs Required

Photos need to be clear and sharp, the higher the resolution the better.

If you are taking a photo, please use a capable camera or the latest phone/tablet cameras.
Photos captured outside in daylight are preferable, close to your subject and at eye level. I can also bring people or pets from separate images and combine them to create a group or family portrait.

I spray gloss varnish on the drawings from photos, which forms a colourless glass clear coating to prevent smearing and smudging.

Can I also invite you not to take a photo of the original photo and forward it to me? The best practice is to upload a photo(s) from a computer/mobile phone or scan the original photo and send the original photo’s scan to me for best results.

Commission Drawing

If you are thinking about commissioning me to draw pencil portrait drawings from photos, please view my price list and complete my order form.

A non-refundable 20% deposit is payable to secure your order. You can pay a deposit when you complete my order-form and click on submit button. I accept all major debit or credit card using Stripe. When I receive the completed order form, I will reply as soon as possible to confirm receipt. Framing service also available.

There are many talented portrait artists in the UK. Still, I know exactly how important it is to discover the appropriate artist – one who can accurately deliver the exact style you are after.

Postage & Packing

Postage and packing for unframed pencil portraits for overseas orders/commission start from £9.50.

Please view the delivery page for precise details. Pencil portraits are carefully inserted into a padded envelope and shipped via Royal Mail or Royal Mail International.