Father’s Day Gift Idea

Pencil Portrait Gift on Father’s Day | Drawings of Men

Make it an extra special day on Father’s Day for dad this year and order a unique pencil portrait drawing, drawn from your favourite photo.

Pencil portraits are drawn on an extra smooth service drawing pad with an ivory black drawing pencil.

Father's Day Pencil Portrait Gift
Father's Day
Father's Day Portrait Gift

Unusual Gift for Fathers day

Sometimes it’s hard to think about what to get your mother on Fathers Day! Some would say a pencil portrait would be an unusual gift but this could be the ideal gift you are looking for.

Personalised Gift

Save yourself the headache of deciding what gift to get for Fathers Day and order a hand-drawn pencil portrait from your favourite photo.

Pencil Portrait Gift

To order a pencil portrait, find your favourite photo of your dad on his own or with family, friends or a favourite pet and complete my order form.