Pencil Portrait Artist

Pencil Portrait Artist As a self-taught Pencil Portrait Artist, I take pride in creating unique pencil drawings that bring a smile to every client’s face. All I need to get started is a high-resolution image of your chosen subject. The higher the quality of your photo, the more details I can capture from the subject….

Pencil Drawing

I started Pencil drawing as a hobby and passion of mine that turned into a full-time career. After sharpening my creative skills, I started to specialise in pencil portrait drawings of people and pets. I work closely with my customers to help them bring their photographs to life in a way that allows them to…

Photographs for Pencil Portraits

Photographs are my number one source of inspiration for pencil portrait drawings. Whether it’s pet pencil drawings from photos or a nature snapshot that someone’s grabbed in the wild, you’ll never be short of inspiration for your drawings. There’s something special about transforming a photograph into a pencil portrait. It captures a moment in time…

Pencil Portrait as a Gift

Pencil drawings are a personal gift that you can give to someone special for their birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, anniversaries, or any life milestone. I create my pencil drawings in A6, A5, A4, A3, and A2 size – making them ideal for framing in your home and displaying for everyone to see.