Pencil Portrait Artist

Artist Draws Pencil Portrait Drawings

I studied Art at Art College, but I demonstrate a genuine talent for pencil portrait drawings and most of the time, I am self-taught. My creative skill developed in the chosen medium of graphite and ivory black studio pencils.

The art of pencil portrait drawing is something I value and attempt to capture my subject’s likeness and mood. I draw with ivory black studio pencils to achieve realistic pencil portraits from your photos.

I am based in Birmingham, England, UK and have always been interested in pencil portraits. As a child, I preferred to draw the human face more than any other subject matter. I am proud to be able to give joy to someone from my pencil portraits.


I aim to create photorealistic pencil portraits of people and pets to be treasured for many years.

Drawing Materials

Artist Drawing Pad
Gloss Varnish
Black Studio Pencil